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Samchi Karate Academy is a traditional and sports Shito-Ryu Karate school that has two goals: to teach students authentic and dynamic Karate skill for discipline, Self-defence and sports Karate and to foster individuals of the highest moral character who can make a significant contribution to their family life, school, the workplace and to society at large.
Our Academy focuses on healthiness, sound mind and protection of children. Our teachings are not based on dynamic Karate skills, Self-defence and sports Karate only but also instil good and positive character. Equipping the children with the right information so that they can develop into a good and honest member of the society. We have been impacting life positively since 2011 with so many outstanding achievements.
Samchi Karate Academy seeks to develop in each student a tireless and non-quitting spirit. No matter what the impediment or situation, emotional, physical, financial we want students to feel empowered and have the ability to overcome any challenge.
Our Karate training routine is designed to suit everyone who truly wants to practice.
For children, it is fun, educative and inspiring. Our instructors are certified, experienced and equipped with the right information in dealing with children. Our teaching strategies are caved to deal with children of different genders, upbringing, culture, education and tailored to meet their individual learning process and general development.
We invite you to learn more about the Samchi Karate Academy, its founder and leadership, and our philosophy that makes Samchi Karate so applicable to today’s life.

Mission and Vision

To provide quality training and conducive environment for children to learn Karate for self-defence, sport, healthiness and boost Academy performance.
To promote a healthy lifestyle, good team spirit, sports event, the perfection of character, discipline, focus, confidence sense of security and alertness.
Our aim is to equip the children for life with the right information and skill through Karate that fosters innovation and excellence in all ramifications of life.
We hope to nurture and promote karate sport and tradition, spiritual, social, intellectual and emotional growth for children and adults.
Also, training the female Child and women give them the skill, information and ability to defend themselves against rape, molestation, hoodlums attack, bully, home violence etc.
We are building an active and healthy society, intelligent and sporty. ⁠⁠⁠⁠