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Karate is a martial arts. It is a weaponless means of self-defense combinations of kicks, strikes and throws. All part of the body is fully engaged to their maximum advantage. The emphasis is on character, flexibility, speed, discipline and power (both physical and mental) and development of techniques and ability so you don't have to be big, strong and muscular to protect yourself or your family. Karate training routine is designed to suit everyone who truly wants to practice. Karate covers a broad spectrum of self-defence. Karate is universal, it is for men, women and children of all ages.
Most people take up Karate class for self-defence only which is not bad, but Karate actually has more to offer to the practitioners. Karate can also be practice as a sport, hobby and a way of life. Karate has a lot of benefits to offer. Some of the boons that can be derived from the regular practice of Karate, by people of all ages regardless of sex are... Healthy life style, toughness and fearlessness in nature, mental power development and the promotion of physical fitness. Beauty in character, mental awareness and self-control. A practical method of self-defence, self-confidence and a higher level of self-esteem. Respect, and understanding of yourself and others. It gives retentive memory and also expand the capacity of the brain. It makes the body less susceptible to sickness and injury and also help in controlling sleeping disorder. Courtesy, and a strong social aspect where many friendships are made. A courteous person will find it easy to make friends and difficult to make enemies. Karate has strong internal benefits as well. It helps instill patience, perseverance, understanding, open mindedness, increase calmness and peace. All of which will aid everyone in every endeavour they undertake in life.
YES! Karate is one of the best recreational activity. With the high level of concentration taught, listening skill and the degree of discipline in the class the children will develop more positive qualities. In Karate Children learn to accept responsibilities. They are expected to check themselves into the school, take care of their equipment and in some cases even turn in an assignment. They are also taught to be responsible for their actions, blaming others for a mistake is not tolerated at all in Karate classes. Horse play is not tolerated when the instructor is given instructions so they learn how to stand or sit still and listen. These skills help them in school because they begin to understand that they are responsible to complete their school assignments and they have more self discipline not to fidget or play when their teacher at school is talking to them. With this, concentration level will increase and a better chance to retain information has been created. It is also through discipline training that the children learn not to show off or brag about their abilities. Add this to the fitness, coordination, speed and self-defence benefits and you will see why so many parents enrol their children into Karate classes. Karate is profoundly helpful to young people in dealing with the many challenges facing them in today's society. We usually accept children from age three into the academy. Our instructors are certified, experienced and equipped with the right information in dealing with children. Out teaching strategies are caved to deal with children of different genders, upbringing, culture, education and tailored to meet their individual learning process and general development.
YES! Karate is universal. Everyone need Karate most especially women. Karate self-defence is indispensable and it is essential for everyone to practice! In most cases, women are the victim of statuary raping, molestation, hoodlums attack, bully, violence and many more. Therefore, every woman should learn to claim her power to protect herself. We encourage every woman to at least have a minimal knowledge of self-defence for self and environmental security. Almost everyday we hear news about women being raped and kidnapped. Recently, a young girl of 14 years old was raped and killed by area boys for refusing to be their girlfriend. Another good example is the Chibok school girls that were kidnapped by the group of terrorist. What would have happened if the girls are equipped with the right information and skill about self-defense? At least, they will be confidence enough to rise an alarm if not even possibly defend themselves. Most parents/women have the impression that Karate will make their girls/women look muscular, not true! Karate is high on aerobic fitness so you can achieve good body tone as well as learn to defend yourself. It is unnecessary to be muscular in Karate because it is not the power on the outside or scary appearance that makes good Karate, it is the power on the inside and ability to coordinate mind and body perfectly. There is never a point that femininity is forced to diminish because you practice Karate. Karate is excellent for women because it can also help them control fear. Emotions such as anger and fear may never leave one completely but it can be controlled by practicing Karate.
Karate is a life time study and endless journey. It is difficult to put a time factor on how on how long it takes to become any good at Karate as everyone has a different potential and capability to learn. The four major key in learning Karate and getting the result are passion, concentration, visualization and repetition. For fast growth, you should memorize everything you see doing the class and do a play back and practice at home for proper understand and perfection. Repetition brings perfection! We have found from past experience that within six or after six months of training, most students are well on the way to achieving a good sound knowledge of Karate, it will take about five years to attain a Black Belt. To progress at a reasonable rate three times a week. Though it is possible to train nearly everyday, it isn't recommended. Three session a week is more than enough for even the most fanatical Karate students. Twice a week is not bad for beginners though, the more you train the faster you will progress. Some of the karate techniques at first seem quite complicated, but with diligent practice, they become much easier. As a student become fitter and stronger, concentration levels will improve which has added benefits in school for children, or in the workplace for an adult. It is not unknown for successful karate student to be successful in their work.
Karate is a physical contact game, and you have to be extremely good and careful by adhering to instruction and rules of Karate to avoid the occasional bruise in your Martial arts career. We are very much aware of chances of injury and constantly strive to promote technical excellence and self control to reduce the risks. Because of this Karate has one of the lowest injury rates despite being a combat sport much less than rugby and football. It is the policy of Samchi Karate Academy that every instructor that have attained the level of Black or Brown Belts hold current first aid certificates. Every training session our certified medical team is always on standby. Though we have not experienced any casualty since the beginning of our Academy and we hope to keep this record.
Majority of new students of all ages and sexes are unfit. We understand and it is our job to ease you into the training. Slow and steady. it is better to start in a weak form and grow then to do one class and run away. If you have any doubts about your health condition ask your Doctor to give you opinion as to whether you are capable of undertaking Karate training. If you suffer any medical condition or you have done surgery in the past, it is important to ensure that your instructor is aware and also fill it in your registration form space has been created for that purpose in the form. It is also advisable that all applicants (especially over the age of 40) should have a medical examination before commencing into any physical related to the marital arts.
NO! All Karate kata (prearranged form) begins with a defensive movement. This shows that Karate is not a violence art because there is no first attack in Karate. The peace of the society is paramount to all genuine Karatekas. We do not use the body we train at great pain for personal worthless fighting. The Dojo code says ''I shall refrain from violence behavior'' following the etiquette and philosophy of Karate. The basic of kata (prearranged form) lies in the concept ''Karate ni Sente Nashi'' which is translated as ''There is no first attack in Karate'' The kata teaches that the true Karate never strikes first and strikes in anger
In Karate there is a ranking system which let's people know where they stand. Karate is operating through an an accomplishment system of colored belts that betoken the wearer's degree of skill. When students strive towards each new belt, they are learning valuable lessons about setting and attaining their goals. At each level, the student knows in advance what is expected of them to reach the next level. This system is very good for children because it helps them learn to make realistic goals. Grading usually comes to access and promote the student to a new rank/grade. The grading /examination will give the student the opportunity to work and focused more on the subject of discipline, and dedication in order to get promoted to the next rank/grade and it will also give parents /guardians the opportunity to monitor and access the child progress in the art. "More effort brings accomplishment."
Now! Take that step now and enrol into our Academy the home of championships and you will be glad you did. The First two training sessions are free, and then we charge for the subsequent training contact us to find out our charges. Beginners are welcome at any time and also people with previous Martial Arts experience.
Anything free and comfortable - a track suit and a white T-shirt is ideal. Bear in mind that we train in bare feet. If you have any jewellery (rings, watches, necklaces etc.) please remove them before training, or, better still, leave them at home. When you want a proper Karate Gi (suit) or our Academy crested track suit talk to your instructor. If there is anything that you would like to know which isn't covered in the sections above please contact us.