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The Samchi Karate Academy deems it right to maintain the legal regulations and rules of conduct of the Academy without leaving any stone unturned, strive to uphold the Marital Arts ethnic and etiquettes in order to maintain good conduct throughout the training period.


In any human community, there is a rule load down to enhance good behaviours and a conducive environment for mutual human benefits. The Academy rules and regulations are meant to serve as a guide for good behaviour and to be feared or hated by law abiding student. Therefore all present and prospective student are enjoined to be obedient so as not to find themselves on the wrong side of the law.


Dojo Rules

(1) Respect shall be according to rank by the ethics of Karate-Do

(2) No stealing, loitering, noisiness, causing confusion and instigating quarrels and fight.

(3) The Sensei and other instructors and technical crew must be respected at all times.

(4)All must adhere to training schedule and time.

(5) At all time permission must be obtained from the Sensei or assistant instructors before leaving the Dojo (training hall)

(6) Calls are not allowed during training sessions.

(7) No food or drinks, use of tobacco products or chewing gum in the Dojo.

(8) Unnecessary excuses will attract punishment.

(9)All students will work as a team with the technical crew on the program initiated.

(10) No using equipment unless authorized by Sensei or assistant instructors (Age 4-14).

(11) Never lose temper in the Dojo, especially while sparring or interacting with other students.

(12) Students must keep their body clean, and their toenails (very important) chipped short, smooth and clean. Fingernails are to be kept smooth and clean.

(13) students must never use their skill in an aggressive or imprudent manner, in or outside the Dojo.

(14) All issues that arise must be channelled to the Sensei through the students Captain.

(15) Respect all, especially yourself.



(1)Parents are not allowed to buy any Karate equipment outside the Academy sports shop.

(2) parents are not allowed to communicate with their child/children doing class

(3) parents are not allowed to bring food items to their children during training.

Whatever you are not pleased with kindly meet the Sensei or the administrative department and lay your complaint.